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I’m a PhD Student of Development, evolution & function of commissural systems – Laboratory of Dr. Alain Chedotal – President Connectome In Science association
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I have a great interest in genetics, biology and physics. In addition, I spend part of my time thinking about bioethics and society issues. I also often focus on public health, political and scientific issues. I am highly motivated, passionate, organized and have a facility to communicate and exchange ideas. It is for these reasons that I founded the association Connectome In Science to make science accessible to students and researchers.

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Amin Benadjal

Professional experience

Connectomme In Science

Co-founder and President of the association

Association of doctors, engineers, students to train and share articles and scientific research: connectome-science.com  2019 – today

It is an association of students union, PhD, engineers and researchers. I decided to create this association to link the different actors of science. The purpose of this union is to share scientific knowledge in a wide range of disciplines. ! We have 3 major aims : create, share and educate. Our volunteers are ready to create original articles, share their knowledge with others by organizing classes and seminars, from molecular biology to computation. This growing network is already supported by Sorbonne University.

Institut du cerveau et de la moëlle épinière (ICM)

Student - Internship M2

Subject matter: mesencephalic locomotion region (MLR) – Zebrafish – CRISPR-cas9 – Electroporation   2019 2020 (6m.) – France

I am working on the descending pathway of locomotion using the zebrafish.
Zebrafish is known to be a recent model with a simple brain architecture and a small larva. That’s why it allows the simpler use of advanced techniques such as optogenetics, calcium imaging, UAS/GAL4 system or CRISPR-Cas9 or even behavioral study such as locomotion.
I am focusing on V1 and V2a neurons of the hindbrain. V2a neurons are broadly studied but I aim to understand their intrinsic network into the hindbrain. Concerning V1 neurons, I want to define their role in locomotion and where these neurons project in the midbrain. To do so, I am microinjecting larvae using the UAS/GAL4 system.

I wrote a report on the evolutionary continuity of locomotor modalities and the robust conservation of underlying  neural circuits.

Laval Université

Student - Internship M1

Subject matter: Major depression – Parkinson’s diseases Microglia impact – Monkey – microscopy  2019 (4m.) – Québec

I worked on Parkinson’s disease and inflammation in Canada. It was an opportunity, in addition to working on an exciting topic, to discover a new culture and a new continent.
I analyzed microglia changes and infiltration of circulating monocyte in the brain of monkeys intoxicated by MPTP and treated by L-DOPA. I did immunostaining followed by confocal microscopy. I also analyzed electronic microscopy data. Finally we evidenced that there is an increase of microglial reaction after MPTP injection, which is reduced after L-DOPA treatment. My results will be part of a publication that will be submitted for additional analysis in Brain Behavior and Immunity .

I also did analysis of microglia’s morphology for a project about smocking mouse. Using a model of sub-chronic cigarette smoke exposure, this project aims to study the effectcigarette smoke has onhippocampal microglia of the dentate gyrus (DG) and the CA1 radiatum. Results was presented in lot of meeting :

  • Young Glia Meeting – August 1-3, 2019, Quebec, Canada
  • ISN-ASN Meeting, International Society of NeurochemistryAmerican Society of Neurochemistry – August 4-8, 2019, Montreal, Canada
  • 3rd Americas School of Neuroinflammation – September 23-26, 2019, Montreal, Canada
  • 61th Annual Meeting Club de Recherche Clinique de Quebec – October 3-6, 2019, Esterel, Canada 

Cambridge University

Student - Internship L3

Internship in the Zoology department. Subject : Oogenesis in Drosophila and activation of the egg by calcium wave.    2018 (3m.) – Cambridge

I worked on Drosophila and oogenesis. I designed a set-up to visualize oogenesis thanks to calcium imaging using GCaMP system. I observed a calcium wave in oocytes which seems to come from nurse cells so it goes in the opposite direction as it was described in the litterature. Then this calcium wave seems to be followed by an actin wave. At the same time, I had another project where I studied the effect of different smells on the behavior of drosophila, where I used calcium imaging and confocal microscope.
My second project consisted to understand the regulation of the local translation thanks to P-Body. I did lots of western-blots, immunostainings and multiplex new generation in situ hybridization. I analyzed the variation of the protein of interest involved in P-Body regulation and localisation.

Teacher in preparatory medical class

2017-2018 – Champigny France

External practitioner in cell biology and biophysics for a preparatory class in the first year of medicine. I have taught cell biology and analytical techniques in molecular biology (Western-blot, PCR, Immunoprecipitation etc.) as well as radioactivity, atomistics and matter-particle interaction in biophysics. 

Private teacher


From college to university I teach cell biology in partnership with professors. For university students, I teach courses in genetics and biomoleculars. In addition, I teach physics and mathematics up to high school level. Finally, I teach Philosophy (high school level).

Academic background

Sorbonne Université

Biology integrative & physiology – Neuroscience (master’s degree)

Master’s degree option Neurosciences. Specialty: neurodegenerative diseases Cours Pasteur: plasticity & brain development (1 month)  20182020

I’m doing an international Master in neurodegenerative diseases. I also integrated the “Development and Plasticity of Nervous System” course at the Pasteur Institut. I integrated this program because I have a great interest for Neurosciences and I’m completely fascinated on neurodegenerative diseases and mechanisms which underlie the brain defect.

I was also selected and graduated from the Pasteur course « Development and plasticity of the nervous system » where I studied the development of the nervous system from an anatomical and cellular point of view. We have carried out TPs on cell differentiation through different model organisms (Mouse, Xenopus, Drosophila).

Université Paris DIDEROT

European magisterium of genetics

L3 genetics 2017-2018 Paris, France

I joined this program in order to understand the fundamental concepts of genetics and molecular biology. It was a great experience which is concluded by an internship at Cambridge University on Drosophila.

Université Paris DESCARTES

Bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences

And course enriched with quantum and physical mechanics 2016-2017Paris, France

After the first year of medical school, I went straight into the second year of my biomedical degree. In addition, I decided to take two additional courses in physics and quantum mechanics in order to have a broad view of science. I have been interested in current issues such as the role of doctors in medically assisted death and euthanasia and the scientific approach of researchers. I received a student award for writing an article on chronic pain.

My skills


Confocal, spinning disk and 2-photon


R, Python, ImageJ, Dragonfly


Photoshop, Illustrator, Pack office, Graphpad



  • FRENCH (Native)
  • ENGLISH (Proficient in spoken and written)
  • SPANISH (Basics and Reading)
  • ARABIC (Proficient in spoken)


Check out some of my works

Inflammation of the brain: a key component in Parkinson's disease

How microglia, resident immune cells in the brain, play a fundamental role in protecting and maintaining the integrity of the central nervous system ? (French version)

Léo Carrilo

Cell theory - History of Natural Sciences

How does the theory of the anterior mold of Buffon, or the Darwinian theory of gemmules anticipates modern cell theory? What are the most important most important differences ? (French version)

Aristote - Darwin

Aristotle writes that "if the eye were an animal, sight would be its soul". He also writes that "the blind eye is an eye only by analogy". Darwin could not agree with him. Which ones theoretical commitments of the two thinkers explain this disagree?

Epigenesis - Epigenetics

Is there a connection, historical or conceptual, between epigenesis Cartesian and epigenetics of today?


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